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               Aiza Diuco who is our cover had her destiny   she celebrates another milestone birthday.  And
               mapped out for her. Also it seems, so did Cynthia  while Jhoanna de Guzman ventures deeper into
               Barker who is the first British-Filipina Councillor  her world of feelings, another intriguing topic
               with the Conservative Party in the UK.        is about Stonehenge which can evoke feelings
                                                             as energies merge with the mystery of its
               One of the more relevant articles comes from   origins still uncovered. Like a rock herself, Riza
               “The Official Green Queen”, Luissa Burton. Her   Hontiveros forays into the world of Philippine
               narrative reflects the increasing interest among   politics, where many come and many go. Fe
               her generation to protect the environment     Koons is On the Beat with Riza Hontiveros the
               with her self-imposed title to titillate the   one whose impressive voice champions causes
               masses attention. She surely got mine and the   with courage and integrity.
               Publisher’s at that!
                                                             FASO (Fil-American Symphony Orchestra) is
               Hollywood’s elite are now inching their way   gaining ground with a magnificent performance
               into our radars with Tinseltown talk about the   at the grand Walt Disney Auditorium. The
               Nine Simultaneous lives of Katharine Kramer   youth once again in the forefront, this time
               as viewed from the lens of Kat’s out of the   through the arts with voices singing in tandem
               Bag. Segue to our very 2nd Miss Manila Up!    in a memorable evening concert.
               Amanda Russo who is concurrently Miss Young
               Philippines USA 2019. Another promising       As I go through our Table of Contents, it
               youth who positions herself within the non-   becomes a unique challenge to pick and choose
               profit organization she works with for the    as space is limited. What is not limited however is
               betterment of humanity in general. Winners all   the wide range of subjects we have consolidated
               no doubt and the future are looking good.     into one finished product. Take a peek and take
                                                             your pick, surely you may have to venture into
               Our quintessential writer Becky Garcia In Other  the adventures we present with keen interest into
               Worlds features the iconic Imelda Marcos as   as many worlds beyond our own.

                                                                    Edith Y. Pendleton

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