Page 6 - Manila Up Vol 6 Iss 3
P. 6


                   December; for us at Manila Up, it’s always a month to remember. We started 6 years ago with just a few articles
                   written on a few pages. After a month, it became “international” with writers contributing from around the
                   world. At the time we covered Miss Universe in Thailand, Miss Supranational, Miss World Philippines, and
                   so many other pageants fondly looked-back on. We interviewed prominent and successful businessman, as
                   well as influential successful woman, all of whom made their marks in the world; from humble beginnings to
                   multimillions-worth of businesses.

                   What we have achieved in our mere 6 years, in what at times can be a cutthroat, competitive industry, has
                   showcased a passion not only belonging to me, but to all of the writers. Our columnists’ goal is to make a
                   difference. Our worldwide readers are still our biggest supporters and we thank God for giving us this platform to
                   help inspire, as well as connect our Filipino culture with other ethnicities and demographics. We aim to entertain,
                   educate, and unify.

                   At the time of our inception, the biggest challenge that we faced were the naysayers; people told us we would
                   not make it past 3 months. Well, God proved them wrong – and so did we. It is my belief that with the help
                   of our Almighty, we sustained our publication and even added our Exquisite International sister magazine.
                   Moreover, during our recent 6th Anniversary celebration, we launched an additional fashion magazine STYLE
                   LA MAGAZINE. Along with it was our “Search for Supermodel 2022” for its inaugural cover, which was warmly
                   embraced by all in attendance.  It was a packed event hosting a huge audience leaving standing room only, with a
                   high caliber panel of judges: from a former Miss Universe, a Supermodel, Beauty Queens, TV/Movie producers,
                   well known designers, and other celebrities.

                   With so much excitement stirring among my team, our writers, our sponsors, and our supporters, we would like
                   to thank you all!

                   God is with us, and we would like to extend our blessings to you. Merry Christmas!

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