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                  Aloha!                                        Heading back to our motherland of the
                                                                Philippines, where we are hosted at the Bluewater
                  Winter’s chill is coming upon us albeit a tad late   Maribago, with its amenities and nestled amidst
                  in its arrival in some areas given the dramatic   the beauty of nature, the haven of rest and
                  shift in our global climate.  Our planet is in peril,   relaxation has found   a balance to ensconce itself
                  yet there is a glimmer of hope that the human   with the least impact upon the environment.
                  race shall prevail to help make our Earth, our
                  home, whole once again. Not to the extent of   From people and place, we move on to events
                  regaining how it was, we can only envision its   with “Greek Mythology”, the Metropolitan
                  future brimming with possibilities to heal itself.  Fashion Award Gala as the theme itself defines, it
                                                                inspired aspiring fashion and costume designers
                  We as harbingers of good news in publications,   to come up with Haute Couture and Avant Garde
                  Manila Up! International and Exquisite        masterpieces.  Over 30 international fashion
                  magazines tie in with Manila Up! TV to deliver   designers presented their unique take on the
                  the message of what is positive that is happening   ramp.
                  in our world, that has a unifying effect.
                                                                So there you have it folks. Eclectic and electric.
                  In this, our 4th Anniversary Special Edition   That’s how we roll at Manila Up! International.
                  we present a myriad of subjects within a
                  kaleidoscope that includes the visit of Pope   As the year comes to an end, new beginnings
                  Francis to Thailand in late October as a “pilgrim   beckon us all to become bigger, better versions of
                  of peace and to promote inter-religious dialogue”.   who we are.
                  On the opposite end of the spectrum we cover
                  Jennifer Lopez at the Toronto International Film   Mele Kalikimaka!
                  Festival. And then are the REO Brothers zoom
                  into the musical field, by “making lemonade out
                  of lemons”.  Their story is one worth retelling.  Edith Y. Pendleton

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