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                company could not afford.   She did not wish   that Glupa’s unique formulation could compete
                to hire a young, fair skinned endorser who will   with all the skin whitening products out there.
                claim that Glupa whitened her skin as that would   She set a monthly sales quota, a sales force to
                be deceiving the public.  She thought of Boy   implement it and a team to support it.   Her
                Abunda, who is not fair-skinned and would seem   company reached her quota and more, paid off
                more credible. Boy Abunda had a popular talk   its bank loan in less than 3 years and grew at a
                show, The Buzz. Abunda was the number 2 most   steady pace.  On its fourth year, Glupa entered
                effective endorser ten years ago when Diuco was   the export market and was exported to the
                starting her company, the number one being Kris   Middle East, Malaysia, San Francisco, South
                Aquino.  After trying the Glupa soap and cream,   Africa, Japan, Europe.   Exportation is 60% of
                Boy Abunda’s cheeks had a pinkish hue. Seeing   the company’s business.  From 2 employees,
                the good results on his skin, he agreed to endorse   Adsphil, which just celebrated its tenth year,
                Glupa products which boosted the sales of the   now employs more than 20 skilled and talented
                company.                                      management, staff and sales team.

                LONG TERM GOALS                               SKIN SOLUTIONS FOR MEN, AND
                FOR GLUPA:                                    OTHER PRODUCTS
                Aiza Diuco’s goal is for Glupa to be the      Realizing that men are just as vain as women
                first brand of choice when it comes to skin   when it concerns skin care, Diuco came up with
                whitening.  Glutathione & Papaya, the most    skin whitening products to cater to the male
                powerful combination to skin whitening, should  market.   Her products for men include Glupa
                be the consumers’ requirement when it comes   whitening soap, (using green papaya which
                to skin whitening.  She also set a business goal   is more effective for the male skin), Glupa
                of making Glupa available in all beauty stores   whitening creams & Glupa Skin Solutions Plus
                and drugstore chains nationwide.  Although she   to provide solution to those with oily and acne-
                was fully aware that the market was saturated   prone skin.
                with skin whitening products, she was confident

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