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           08                                                    HAILEE STENFELD

                                                                 Fil-Am actress Hailee Steinfeld talks about the influence of her Fil-Am
           MHEL PECHERA                                          mom, her relationship with fame, and how much Emily Dickinson’s
                                                                 writing spills over into her own life.
           Ever a mother first and foremost, Mhel has learned to treasure her hectic   I’m so lucky to be so close to my family. And I think that with everything
           and demanding schedule as President of Iship Logipack Incorporated by   I do in life; with everything I do through my work, I realize it more
           still managing to be a part of her children’s upbringings. “I am a hands-  and more.   it’s weird… I’ve grown to really appreciate the people that
           on mom, and take happiness [in] attending their school programs and   are closest to me and even through Emily Dickenson, growing up in a
           events. But in all honesty, I just want to see the day that my children grow   household where her parents didn’t even- they didn’t see her, they didn’t
           up [into] successful and independent persons; in whatever area they want   understand her, and I have…my mom, who drove me to sometimes four
           to be,” she beams.                                    auditions a day, five days a week. We lived out of a car.

                                               84                                  64

           68                                  Reinhardt Kenneth’s                 UNDERWATER GARDEN

                                                                                   This underwater garden concept was one of
                                               Directorial Debut
                                                                                   before temperatures in Southern California
           NICK UT – Pulitzer Prize Winner     Setting out on his directorial debut, Reinhardt   the last photo shoots I managed to squeeze in
                                                                                   became too cold to work comfortably in an
                                               approached his lifelong collaborator and   outdoor pool.
           The whole world then saw the photograph that   mother, Diana with a design request to create
           Nick Ut had taken.                  pieces that feel like “there’s a ball in the   Like most underwater shoots, you never know
                                               apocalypse, mask included” – the rest was   how things will look until you jump in and
           This photo was of 9 year old girl Phan Kim   history. While the film features a more dramatic   see how objects and materials behave once
           Phuc, running down the road naked, burning   yet literal approach to the vision, Diana   submerged. Underwater concept shoots are very
           from napalm dropped by the South Vietnamese   projected to combine her two strongest suits:   much an exercise in creative problem solving.
           Air Force on Trang Bang. Many believe it   the elegant and the daring. She strived to create   Having a collaborator as creative and easy to
           became a big turning point in efforts to end the   pieces that still fit the “Diana Couture woman”   work with as Hannah makes the entire process
           war in Vietnam.                     yet embody the concept of apocalypse.  so rewarding.

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