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                                                                 Deputy Mayor of the Borough of Hertsmere,
            6                                                    - Cynthia Barker

                                                                 As the result of 2 May 2019 elections amidst this turmoil, British-Filipina
                                                                 Councillor under Conservative Party, Cynthia Barker won the re-election
           Aiza Diuco: White is Beautiful                        in Hertsmere. She also won as Councillor and elected by her colleagues
           When your fate is written in the stars, the universe has a way of leading   as Deputy Mayor of Hertsmere. That is astonishing. She convinced the
                                                                 voting public that she can serve them best regardless of their perception
           you to your destination  no matter how many detours and stop-overs you   of political parties. Her fellow public servants bestowed upon her the
           make.  It could take years to reach your destined place in life but God’s   trust to act in place of the Worshipful Mayor, the Mayor of the Borough
           timing is always perfect.                             of Hertsmere, Alan Plancey, in case he is not available

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                                                                                   The Kat’s out of the Bag:

            12                                 The Official Green Queen:           The Nine Simultaneous Lives of
                                                                                   KathArine Kramer
                                               Changing the meaning of the
                                               word influencer – Luissa Burton     Since its inception, those living in Tinseltown
                                                                                   rapaciously pursue its offerings of fortune and/or
           When Hollywood comes to Bali        This is an age where the internet has taken over   notoriety abundant in its rich history. But what of
                                               with the average user spending three hours and
                                                                                   it? What if one did captivate the world’s attention
            It doesn’t feel like work when you are in Bali.   fifteen minutes on their mobile phone every   – would you spearhead social issues, speak out
           That’s exactly how we, the filmmakers and the   day. It is important to me that my platform,   against injustice? Moreover, if you were born into
           Hollywood actors felt as we all gathered to talk   voice and visibility is used in a positive way, to   a spotlighted family of Hollywood elite, what
           of their respective movies one sunny day in   educate and inspire humanity on issues facing   would you do to carry on the legacy? Imagine
           paradise.                           our planet. I have built up an online following   for a moment that your father was regarded as
                                               across various media channels due to my   Hollywood’s most liberally outspoken filmmaker.
           Somehow, the relaxed and laid-back ambiance   pageant history and modelling career through   Now imagine that you were named after the
           with the background of the ocean, tropical   which I have now created my “The Official   greatest, most tenacious female film star of Classic
           plants and the invigorating island breeze, gives   Green Queen” brand, coining the motto “green   Cinema. How does one carry this weight on their
           everyone that positive welcome feeling.  is the new sexy”.              shoulders and continue to perform for the public?

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