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Maricar Calame is an Award-Winning Stylist based in Orange County,
                      California. She has extensive experience and education in the world of
                      fashion and design. Her style and creations are in high demand amongst
                      designers and individuals alike.

                      Maricar has a long list of high profiles clients and has worked with some of
                      the top designers and photographers in the field. She has also displayed her
                      talents in film and television projects, runway events and print advertising.
                      Maricar always takes the time to fully understand her clients needs and goals
                      and is very collaborative in her approach to providing a unique style that
                      ensures 100% satisfaction. Her attention to detail and her “style sense” is
                      what has helped her achieve this level of success.

                      If you are looking for stylist who can bring your vision to life, look no further.
                      Please contact Maricar if you like to book her for an event or session.

                      Maricar expanded her expertise by creating her new line of lipsticks.
                      MaricarStyle Liquid Lipsticks.

                      “Our original, custom lipstick are created uniquely for your style, MaricarStyle.
                      Cruelty-free, smudge resistant, long lasting, vibrant colors that were created
                      for you by Maricar.”

                      She has worked closely with lab technicians and manufacturer to
                      ensure a high quality, safety made product that represents her style and
                      professionalism. Whichever one best suits your mood, you will be sure to
                      arrive in style -  MaricarStyle.

                      Shop our new line at
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