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                   In welcoming 2021, the general consensus predicted a feeling of hope; a hope for reconciliation of a divided nation.
                   While idealistic, it is not that easy. With the pandemic still prevalent and new variants erupting and spreading, the
                   battle against Covid-19 has now turned into a race against the clock. When the initial news of the vaccines rolled out,
                   we were immensely hopeful that it would eventually control the virus, and ultimately, that it would be gone in due
                   time. However, with the implementation of mass vaccination sites, lo & behold numerous mutants of the original
                   virus surface and must therefore also be dealt with. According to the health officials, the UK, South Africa, and Brazil
                   variants are spreading more quickly; facilitating transmission rendering Covid-19 more dangerous.

                   So with all of this seemingly doom and gloom on the horizon, what is the best course of action to combat the fast-
                   spreading variants that are contaminating so many? For one, we have got to safeguard our health and the health of
                   others by following the recommended CDC and health official protocols, like wearing double masks. While I am
                   immensely hopeful by the rapid vaccination efforts, the fact of the matter remains that we have not injected the
                   majority of the USA just yet. Besides, inoculating citizens is only one facet of this crisis. Secondly – and this is where
                   we at Manila Up! can help – we must remain vigilant in staying up-to-date on the latest Covid news, while also
                   weeding-out the misinformation surrounding the virus and subsequent vaccine.

                   All of this, in addition to a divided country when it comes to Civil Rights, as we enter into Black History Month,
                   is what our newly – and fairly – elected President Biden must reconcile. Control the spread of the virus, prioritize
                   vaccinations across the map, and on top of it, reinvent the “American brand” that has been sullied by the sedition at
                   Capitol Hill in early January, calling into question the capacity for government of the most allegedly powerful nation in
                   the world.

                   If this sounds downtrodden, it is not meant to. It is merely to shed light on how much work we really have to do. And
                   my hope for 2021 is that we will come together to develop the solutions to all of these problems. How do we tackle the
                   economy, unemployment, domestic terrorists, racial division, and so many other issues that plague us? While it may
                   sound contrived: with LOVE. February is a month for love, for warmth, for healing. And while we still cannot gather
                   physically just yet, we can combine the mutual respect in our hearts and come together to accomplish anything.

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