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                   In the world of publishing, trends come and go   dream and efforts to make this a better world by
                   as with most everything in various industries.   cleaning up our act as residents of this planet is
                   Not to be carried away by the rush of the river,   a wakeup call from The Queen of Green herself.
                   we at Manila Up! International Magazine are   With a huge internet following of over 54K and
                   proud to announce that aside from our TV      counting, we shall closely monitor her moves as
                   show which is into the finale of Season 2, our   she directs the movement forward.
                   TV hosts are acquiring more exciting and
                   informative segments. Even more exciting      Janet Napales is a name among the elite in
                   is that our sister publication EXQUISITE      Philippine society and her column provides
                   International magazine has gained popular     depth about the circles she covers. Mental
                   acceptance among our readership. A solid      Wellness is explained further with Janie Lacy
                   testament that our branding is now established.   contributing her take on the topic.  A grand
                   Our more directed approach and strategic move   travel adventure by Anna Marie Mateescu will
                   towards bringing in more international flavor   enthrall readers as she vividly describes some
                   is gaining fast ground. From Asia, the US and   truly magnificent places in Cairns, Australia.
                   Europe we have covered the who, where, what   Joy Fong on the other hand has a steady hand
                   and when, both among the obscure and the      on the goings on in Italian Embassy with his
                   highly visible. Talk about travel, celebrities,   regular Metro Scene column. WCOPA (World
                   events, and most anything under the sun is our   Championship of Performing Arts) where
                   game changer.                                 Filipino-Americans bagged numerous awards in
                                                                 the Coffee Break by J by Jeanette Marco. Celle
                   I must agree with our Editor, Edith Pendleton   Diaz is in her usual environs with Siam Living,
                   that one of our writers really stood up. She who   writing with Miss Friendship International 2019.
                   is redefining the ubiquitous term of “influencer”..
                   Luissa Burton is taking the lead to ensure that her  Happy reading!

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