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                   At this point, the world is seemingly in chaos and uncertainty. With the widespread pandemic caused by
                   COVID-19, the world has and is still changing. What used to be considered the norm is no longer there.

                   This big scare causes the world to evolve at a faster transition than we are used to, calling for us to adapt to
                   these fast changes, thereby creating havoc everywhere.

                   The question remains, how can we surpass the world’s most imminent problem faced during our lifetime?
                   Nobody seems to have an answer at the moment.  What will happen to us, the economy, our livelihood,
                   everyone’s health; what is in store for our future?

                   With all of this in mind, all we can really do is live in this moment. We can only have hope and faith in our
                   creator, God.  Now is the time to really hold onto faith in our God. The only assurance that I can personally
                   hold onto, is that God created this world for a greater good. This is a “call for time”; a time for us to pause
                   and recognize that everything in this world is temporary. We cannot hold onto a false pride that we made
                   this world a greater place to live in. We should be reminded that God gave us the talents, the wisdom, and the
                   access to all of the things that we have accomplished on Earth - it is all from Him.

                   The bottom line is, let’s take it in; that He is also the only one who can end this. He is the only one
                   who can create and recreate our circumstances.

                   Thus, let us all be grateful. Do not lose hope and keep your faith, for this will pass as everything
                   He has us experience, always does.

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