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By MAYENNE CARMONA                                                                            COVER STORY

                                                    AIZA DIUCO:

                          White is Beautiful

                            hen your fate is   & Human Resources, she decided to   Papaya is an exfoliant and peels off
                            written in the stars,  join her father’s company where she   dead skin cells, exposing fairer &
                            the universe has a   worked in different departments in the  fresher skin.  But how do you maintain
                            way of leading you   span of ten years.   Under the tutelage   the white skin after exfoliation?
           W to your destination  of her father and her older brother, she  Because when exposed to the sun,
           no matter how many detours and stop-  acquired her entrepreneurial skills.    brown spots called melanin appear.
           overs you make.  It could take years to   Today, Aiza Diuco is the CEO of her   She found the solution in Glutathione
           reach your destined place in life but   own company, Age Defying Solutions   which is an agent that prevents
           God’s timing is always perfect.     Philippines Corporation (Adsphil),   melanin formation.  So, papaya plus
                                               the leading manufacturer of skin    glutathione make a powerful skin
           Case in point is this month ‘s cover   whitening products in the Philippines.   whitening product.   The absence of
           girl, attractive fashionista Aiza                                       one will make the whitening process
           Diuco who thought she wanted        BACKGROUND:                         slower and ineffective.
           to be a Diplomat as her chosen      Aiza Diuco has an aunt in the USA   Armed with this knowledge, she
           career.  She was a consistent honor   who was constantly asking her for   decided to put to good use her
           student at Miriam College all the   skin whitening soap.  At that time,   entrepreneurial skills.   She hired a
           way to High School and College      there was only papaya skin whitening   chemist & a pharmacist to experiment
           where she graduated at the top of   soap in the market which Aiza       & develop the product.  Further
           her class in Liberal Arts, majoring in   would send her.   When glutathione   research led her to discover that
           International Studies.   Diuco took her   skin whitening soap and gluta pills   Filipinos are obsessed with skin
           academic achievement a step higher   flooded the market, she sent them   whitening products.  Along the way,
           with a Master’s Degree in Industrial   to her aunt as well.   Auntie wanted   she had the formulation patented to
           Relations at UP Diliman where she   to know which was a more effective   protect her intellectual property.   It
           was a university scholar.  Instead of   skin whitener-papaya or Glutathione?   made sense to have it patented because
           pursuing a career in foreign service,   Aiza Diuco did not have the answer.    Glupa is the only skin whitening
           her life’s journey propelled her towards  The researcher that is imbued in her   product in the world that has a unique
           another direction.   After testing the   character took over and after intensive   combination of papaya & glutathione.
           waters working for Sara Lee as Sales   research she concluded that papaya
           Training Supervisor, then as Executive   and glutathione have different roles in   Choosing an effective endorser for
           Assistant to Commissioner Jose F.   skin whitening, but should be more   Glupa was challenging because of
           Erestain and Consultant to various   potent when combined together in   budget constraints.  Top celebrities
           firms in Organizational Development   one product.                      charge an eyeful which her start-up

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