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                                           A CHARMED LIFE

                                                  FOCUSED ON

                                        LOVE FOR SERVICE

                                                     Submission peer-reviewed by: Naiia Lajoie
                                                   Submission peer-reviewed by: Naiia Lajoie

                                                        ildred Vande Vusse Vitangcol is a medical doctor by
                                                        profession, but has been engaged in the “Death Care” and
                                                        Pre-Need Industries for the past twenty-three years. What
                                                        began as a mere curiosity while observing her midwife
                                       Mmother help others eventually turned into a calling in the
                                        medical field. This then transitioned into corporate management as well as
                                        business marketing in the death care industry – which is unfamiliar to most.
                                        While this sounds like far too many hats for just one person to wear, Dr.
                                        Mildred does exactly that – making it look both good and easy.

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