Page 8 - Manila Up Vol 6 Iss 3
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                   NAIIA LAJOIE

                   The holiday season is upon us, and indeed the world seems slightly more festive. Despite the ever-presence of the
                   Delta variant and the potential looming impacts of Omicron, humanity’s resilience in looking at the bright side is
                   steadfast. Here in North America families are reuniting – some for the first time in a year and a half, events have
                   resumed, and venues have reopened to the public.

                   As we optimistically look to the year ahead, we must acknowledge the trials of the previous one and go forward
                   with caution. Do get vaccinated. Travel responsibly. Remember that there are industries still struggling to make
                   a comeback. Be grateful for employment; with the hiring shortages, now is a tremendous time to look for work
                   opportunities. Appreciate the time spent with family; with commuting to the office and school resuming, life may
                   become too “busy” once again. Or perhaps not all family came out unscathed; I lost an uncle in the Philippines to the
                   pandemic. International travel is still restricted in many nations.

                   All of that to say, count your blessings. We staff members at Manila Up! – and me personally in my career within as
                   well as outside of our publications – have been fortunate enough to succeed in the past year’s strivings. Manila Up!
                   just celebrated its 6th Anniversary, and in addition to EXQUISITE International we welcomed our newest member
                   of the family STYLE MAGAZINE. Stay tuned for more light leisure and fresh fashion to behold on this platform.

                   With so much forward momentum here at Manila Up!, now seems like an inopportune time to abandon ship and leave
                   the publications without an official editor. As such, I shall remain acting editor for the time being to ensure that we
                   continue to deliver to you – our dedicated readership – content that is truthful, engaging, and – we hope – inspiring.

                   “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why we call it the present” – while there are so many
                   variations of this quote attributed to multiple authors, the sentiment remains the same. Do not forget the past, learn from
                   it. Do not go blindly into the future, prepare for it. All the while, remember to be present. Be thankful. Be well.

                   Wishing you a Happy, and healthy, Holidays!

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